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The hospital is equipped with 4 bedded dialysis (Kidney treatment) unit targeted to admitted and emergency patient....

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Emergency Department: Emergency Department is a heart of any Hospital, is a medical treatment facility specializing in Emergency Medicine, providing acute care of Patients who present without prior ap...

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B & C Teaching Hospital have the well equipped Step Down Unit (SDU) followed by highly qualified and well trained medical and paramedical staff for those Patients who are in less risky, life threa...

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B & C is providing the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) service with 52 fully equipped beds for highly Critical Patients....

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Multi-Specialty OPD


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  “We care to cure” We have one of the largest state of the art Intensive Care units. Pediatrics & Neonatal along with pediatrics ward and Neonatal Nursery set up in eastern Nepal. We are facilitated with well equipped pediatrics & Neonatal ventilators, Phototherapy Units, Servo controlled Radiant warmers, Incubators,...

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The department specializes in the treatment of medical and surgical diseases of urogenital system. Excellent urological care is provided with minimal invasive surgery i.e. Mini Tubeless PCNL, Bipolar TURP, Bipolar TURBT, Uretero-renoscopy- lithotripsy. The department also provides counseling and management for infertility couples and sexual d...

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We are specialized for the treatment of various facial trauma such as fracture mandible, fracture maxilla, zygomatic bone fracture, nasal bone fracture etc. Treatment of Pathology of face like cyst, benign tumor, malignant tumor, Neuralgia, space infection. Treatment of reduced mouth opening due to fusion of bone that is TMJ ankyloses Cleft l...

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We know the value of eyesight and how to care and cure eyes. We have daily OPD services as well as emergency services for the check up and treatment of eyes. The people who are suffering from the diseases like diabetes and severe hypertension should have the eye check up on regular basis and we […]...

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The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of B & C Teaching Hospital has been providing its services since 2015. Since then this Department is providing services in the Eastern Part of Nepal. Out Patient Services: Out Patient Services (OPD) is available 7 days a week. Saturdays, the OPD remain open from 9 AM till 1 […]...

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Message From Directors

We know that it’s better to burn a single candle than stay cursing to darkness. I had a dream of prosperous society where could access of good health and education Read More


Indira Giri

B & C Teaching Hospital provides Multidisciplinary Healthcare Services under one roof. Initiated by the private investment, the hospital binds all the rules and regulations Read More


Executive Director
Durga Prasad Prasai

B & C Medical College, Teaching Hospital & Research Center P. Ltd. is established to fulfill the gap existing in current health and health education delivery system within an aim                        Read More


Managing Director
Dr. Ram Babu Giri

Health and Education are the main basis for the entire development of nation . The investment in education and health are the foundation of prosperous and civilized society moreover it helps to Read More


Dr. Nirajan Prasai

We take pride in our Infra structural Facilities, Teaching Faculty and Read More


Pro. Dr. Ram Prasad Upreti

As the Medical Director, I would like to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of best medical service provider institution situated in the eastern part of Nepal. Read More


Medical Director
Dr. Nirajan Prasad Parajuli